Common Challenges In Cosmetic Dental Marketing Explored


There are people who assume that cosmetic dental marketing is the easiest area in the whole field of medical marketing. This is an assumption which arises out of the fact that dental practitioners are amongst the few categories of practitioners who are allowed to openly advertise for their services. In making that assumption, people overlook the considerable challenges that come up in cosmetic dental marketing.

Incidentally, the dental marketing we are talking about is that which is done by both cosmetic dentistry practitioners, as well as the makers of cosmetic dental products, with a view to improve their bottom-lines.

As with most other areas of medical marketing, cosmetic dental marketing has two major aspects. The first is where focus is on the marketing of dental products. The second is where focus is on the marketing of cosmetic dentistry services. There are challenges that are common to both aspects, and challenges that are limited to either aspect of cosmetic dental marketing ครีมรักษาฝ้า.

Where dental marketing is about the marketing of cosmetic dental products, one of the challenges we tend to see is that of getting the marketing messages to the people who can actually act on them, typically the cosmetic dentists and dental technologists. These are not people you can easily target through mass media channels. Even if you were to do that, it would be a wasteful marketing approach, as the marketing message would be getting to far too many people who simply have no use for it. It doesn’t help that almost everywhere you go attempting one-on-one marketing, you are likely to find that another marketer was there before you, and created the deep relationship you are trying to create (meaning there is no room for you).

Things are not much easier when marketing dental products aimed at the mass markets (like, for instance, DIY teeth whitening kits and braces). The first challenge here is that of convincing the target market that they actually need the products in question. Here, the real problem is that cosmetic dental services have for long been portrayed as ‘vanity-feeding products,’ and you will have a difficult time overcoming such perceptions. And having overcome them, there is still the further challenge of convincing people that that the dental products are actually safe to use. This can be hard, especially where people have been conditioned to believe that, for instance, every teeth whitening products comes with potential to make the teeth ultra-sensitive.

These challenges, or various other incarnations of them, emerge when attempting to market cosmetic dentistry services. There is, first of all, the challenge of convincing people that they need the cosmetic dentistry services; that cosmetic dentistry can be good for them. The tricky thing here is that this has to be done subtly, mainly through the use of images. You also need to make people aware of the fact that submitting for cosmetic dentistry won’t make them ‘vain people.’ There is also the challenge of convincing people that cosmetic dentistry services are actually affordable, as many have come to believe that, even where they obviously need them, the services are ‘too expensive’ for them.

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