Inflatable Punch Bags – Martial Arts Training Aid Or Just For Second Grade?


Imperative to each martial art is practice your attacks and using the Wing Chun punching bag is no different. You can find plenty of different forms of mat and bag you may employ to coach your Wing Chun punch – and also of course that one is better than one other overlooks the purpose.

Jointly, heavy bags, wall totes, concentration pads are all keys into the mystery which is… hitting hard and fast with your Wing Chun punch.

This write-up will focus on some of the great training hints and tricks on the other side of the wall bag (or sand bag) – possibly the very popular and standard Wing Chun training bag heavy bags.

Filling your wall mounted bag

Based on your teacher, lineage and experience you are going to hear a variety of fillings. However on the harder end of this spectrum are the ones which recommend starting with someone softer (eg. Rice, mung beans, lentils), doing work your way up to sand then finishing with iron ball bearings.

Forget about Doing It.

Crippling your hands surpasses the item of practice in martial arts since they’re also about staying healthy. Personally a combo of beans and older outfits is correct for me personally. A harder choice my teacher formerly employed was sand (the nicer the more thickly your wall tote would package and also the tougher it will become) however even sand might be harmful to medical insurance and circulation of your hands as time passes.

Working on conditioning

Implementing conditioning

merely a’side benefit’ and not the major aim (ie. Difficulty hard could be the key explanation we’re training) there is certainly a level of conditioning that comes with all Wing Chun bag training. Keep an eye on both palms to watch out for cuts and grazes that will require for ever to recover if you don’t care to them.

Combine your teaming upward with laps and palms to the wall tote that will help loosen tough training sessions on the the wall bag, puts much less stress on your own knuckles and rounds you personally as a Wing Chun practitioner.

Change your WallBag

Many a eager student has gone outside and bought a wall bag at a try in order to include Wing Chun punching bag training into their own routine. Without any idea for wherever they will house it.

Needless to that the wall tote is mounted on a wall, and which is fantastic for conserving distance however the noise from effect will detract throughout your home and your neighbors dwelling too effectively. Particularly if you get a flat or apartment.

You’ve been warned.

An alternative may consist of directing it to your tree and I have understood some crazy people to pinpoint your punch bag to trees. Not so excellent for your own tree. A number of bungy strings are great however be certain that you keep your walls tote dry to keep its own fillings in good condition.

If your wall bag is filled with sand, afterward rain and moisture will build up over the bag making the materials cement just like. Not ideal for both handsfree!

Wall Bag Sections

Such a Wing Chun hitting tote comes in sections – on average one, two or three. Personal taste is to get a three-dimensional wall bag so you can reproduce high, middle and lower gate spectacular. Not just does this incorporate skill to mixing the heights, the more variety makes exercise more interesting as well as intriguing.

Wing Chun Punching Bags: The Wallbag

The Wing Chun wall bag is one of many great training assists to put in ability and venom to your own strikes. Flexible and fun, the bag adds extreme power to your own instincts and adds isometric strength to a own attacks and it is a great way to isolate your arm attacks.

Mixing upward heights along with various other hand shapes (punches, palms, chops etc) retains the practice healthy and rewarding. And remember to look after your palms, they’re the various tools of your trade and with no long-term wellness – your Wing Chun punch will probably endure along with your training slow.

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