Men’s Hairstyles For 2011: Casual Short Hairstyles For Men


For men, short hairstyles are nothing unusual since the majority of men in this planet sport this style. These hairstyles are popular for many reasons, such as religious principles (most Christian denominations require a man to have short hair so that his head is not covered when he prays) and one’s profession (e.g. athlete, military personnel, or businessman).

However, a short hair style does not have to be plain. There are many different and attractive short hairstyles to choose from. Many styles from casual to the formal ones can be sported by men and the best thing is, these styles only require simple hair styling tools and products such as a comb and hair wax. For a sleeker look, you will only need to comb your hair neatly and hold it with a strong wax or gel. The choice of hair product to use also depends on what style you want Zara men.

The key to having a casual look is by avoiding a more styled and groomed look. You also have to consider your hair condition and texture. Here are some examples of casual hairstyles for 2011:

1. Casual short hairstyles for straight hair

If you are an easy-going, free-flowing type of guy, this is the perfect hairstyle for you. Sporting a casual look for a man with straight hair is very quick and simple. Most of the time, men can try the look by themselves and retouch it without the help of professional hairdressers. Examples of hairstyles for straight haired men that can be easily styled among others are short layers, sliced razor cuts, and extremely short crops.

2. Casual short hairstyles for wavy hair

These styles are perfect for many casual outings or occasions. Men with wavy hair can wear the casual style and make it into a top-heavy one length look or hair with short messy layers. When styling a wavy hair, you need extra care if compared to straight hair; yet, it should not take a long time. To highlight the texture of your hair, you can add some moulding cream. On the other hand, if you want to get the wet look, you should apply some hair gel.

3. Casual short hairstyles for curly hair

For curly haired men, you can sport the casual look by creating a tight curl, loose curl, or strong wave. A wet look will look fun and fresh. Apply anti frizz hair styling products to tame the curls or make use of serum or pomade to define the curls.

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