The Professional Casino Gambler


The expert casino gambler could head into a casino and everybody knows he is not there. He is eloquent in their own right but perhaps not overly obvious and he doesn’t seem to notice.

The Online Betting Malaysia I am describing here’s been bless with more chance than any punter has experienced or deserves. He usually heads to the craps table but he rolls the dice himself.

If he plays the sportsbookhe will literally proceed lines. That is only because he’ll pack a thousand dollars into seven or eight briefcases and ship his friends scurrying throughout vegas to place the wagers. Vegas knows it, the casinos understand it he is still ready to spread his money all over the city unchallenged.

The hosts love the professional gambler and when he’s completely”gambling mode” they’ll happily send a plane to pick up him half way across the country or even half way around the entire world. He is the big fish that attracts interest from other gamblers and when he plays, he’ll surely cost a casino hundreds of thousands of dollars and even more than that.

In ten decades of knowing that man, I have only seen him lose once. I am certain that he’s lost significantly more than that however I watched it in dramatic style. Some normal gamblers are reaching for a noose at the possibility of losing so much money in such a brief space of time, he, alternatively, did not seem overly concerned since he stopped the plane home.

He only patted his wife in the trunk and said with a knowing grin:”this time around I can not buy you that oceanfront mansion, however next time baby, you’ll have it”.

I met his wife that afternoon and she revealed to me that the sting in the tail. You see, there is not ever a”next time” with the professional gambler, just a much larger bet or investment. He hasn’t ever stopped to reap and revel in the advantages of a colossal win. Further stakes just get bigger and also the promises more lucrative but more remote.

That is the existence of this Genuine Gambling Man.

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